What we offer

Adult Adoptee


We provide specialized counselling services for adoptees who are struggling with mental health issues directly or indirectly related to their adoption history in order for them to move from surviving to thriving in their lives.

Young woman with adopted African American


We offer consulting services for adoptive parents who are struggling with their adopted children’s behaviours and attachment difficulties so they can learn to meet their children’s needs and enhance their relationship.

Nicole Gfeller

About the Founder


Nicole Gfeller has had a long-standing dream of supporting other adoptees just like her. She realized that what made her own adoption journey so challenging was to be with her pain on her own. This is what motivated her to offer a helping hand to any adoptee in need of support, and to raise adoptive parents’ awareness around their children’s feelings.


adopted children

Our Mission

We support adoptees with specialized counselling to help them find healing, connection and peace.


Adopted Teens

Our vision

We envision a world where all adoptees can find support, community and resources when needed.  


What makes us unique


We are trained therapists and are knowledgeable about the latest research in the fields of trauma, attachment, neuroscience, and child development.

We can make suggestions about authors or books for those interested in learning more about the theme of adoption, trauma, attachment, or parenting.


We have hands-on clinical experience with children, youth and young adults with complex relational trauma. 

We offer a variety of therapeutic approaches including art therapy, expressive arts therapy, play therapy, somatic therapy, and life coaching among others.

personal story

Our personal experience as adoptees helps us understand other adoptees in a deep and compassionate way.

We use our adoption story as an invaluable gift to deeply relate with other adoptees and help adoptive parents understand and connect with their children.