Counselling For Adoptees



Counselling for Children


We offer online one-on-one counselling for child adoptees who need support around symptoms and behaviours stemming from their adoption history as well as other adverse childhood experiences.

You, as the adoptive parents, may be aware of your child’s complex trauma history prior to being adopted, whether they were subjected to neglect, sexual, physical or emotional abuse, witnessed domestic violence, or lived in the foster care system for years.

If this is the case, we are here to help your adopted child process and work through their adverse childhood experiences that are adding to their separation wound and adoption.

We offer sessions in English, French, Spanish and Swiss German.

Counselling for Youth


We offer online one-on-one counselling for youth adoptees who need support around symptoms and behaviours stemming from their adoption history or other adverse childhood experiences.

You may be struggling with anxiety, worries, anger, rage, depression, self-harm, suicidal thoughts or previous attemps. You may also notice that it is difficult for you to trust others and connect with other people. You may have low self-esteem, and self-confidence, and may even feel hopeless and powerless about how to change and feel better.

We are here to support and empower you with loving kindness and compassion.

We offer sessions in English, French, Spanish and Swiss German. 

Adult Adoptee

counselling for adultS


We offer online one-on-one counselling for adult adoptees who would like to receive support to improve their mental health and start healing from their early life adoption experience.

You may be struggling or feeling overwhelmed with everyday life situations, having difficulties with making or maintaining relationships with others, feeling chronically stressed, not knowing how to calm your body and mind, feeling depressed and with low energy, and you may want to start exploring how your adoption story has impacted your life and well-being.

We are here to support and empower you with loving kindness and compassion.

 We offer sessions in English, French, Spanish and Swiss German.

As An Adoptee, Do You Feel Like It’s Time to Get Support, But You Don’t Know Where to Start?


We understand that you may be feel lonely with your struggles because it can be hard for others to understand what you are going through.

You may have tried out counselling before and may have noticed that it didn’t help much because the therapist was not well-versed in the theme of adoption.

You may have asked your friends for advice but they do not seem to understand the complexity of your feelings. Worse, they may have told you to ‘just get over it’.

You may not want to talk to your adoptive parents about your struggles because you worry that you will hurt or disappoint them for talking about the painful side of being adopted. Or you may have tried already and were not supported in the way you needed.

You may even believe that you don’t really deserve to be happy, or that it is not possible for you to ever truly become happy.

We know how you feel because we’ve been there too. We are here for you! This is what we specialize in! Contact us whenever you want to! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Adult Adoptee

Why Is Specialized Support For Adoptees So Important?

Adoptees' Emotions are Multi-layered

Our experience as adoptees encompasses so many layers of emotions that it is very hard to fully comprehend the depth of our experience. Adoptees are best guided by counsellors who are trained and knowledgeable of the latest research in neuroscience, of how trauma impacts the brain, nervous system, memory, attachment and overall child development. In other words, counsellors working with adoptees need to be trauma, attachment and adoption-informed. Moreover, at “Unconditionally Adopted”, we are aware how our own personal adoption story helps us hold an incredible depth of understanding and empathy for our adoptees clients.

Adoptees’ Voices Matter

Our voices as adoptees have not often been heard, acknowledged, or validated by society. Sometimes, they have outrightly been suppressed. There is a societal pressure asking adoptees to be grateful for being adopted, for being saved, and for receiving a better life quality. At the same time, adoptees are often asked to remain silent about the painful side of being adopted or they are even considered ungrateful if they do dare to talk about it. However, as adoptees ourselves, we understand how painful and lonely it is to have our emotions ignored or rejected. 

We want to hear about your story and your experience, without needing to embellish or sugarcoat it.

Adoptees' Healing Journey Is Special And Unique

Adoptees’ journey is to eventually come to terms with being adopted, exploring what it means to them, healing from their wounds, finding out who they are, and where they belong in this world. This theme is very specific to adoptees and is best explored with someone who has gone through that same journey, walked the same path, stumbled on the same pitfalls, felt similar emotions, struggled with the same inner demons, and finally found a way towards inner balance, peace and healing.

We would feel honoured to walk alongside you as you begin your epic journey.

You Don’t Have To Go Through This Alone!

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