Consultation For Adoptive Parents

Queer Adoptive Parents

Current adoptive parents


We offer adoptive parents the possibility to get one-on-one consultations with our expert to ask questions related to their own family situation and adopted child. You will get feedback, suggestions and recommendations that are tailored to your specific situation.

We will help you understand what drives your child’s behaviours, and help you respond in a way to connects you rather than separates you from you child.

Your adopted child may be an infant, a toddler or school-aged child.

We offer consultation in English, French, Spanish and Swiss German.

Queer Adoptive Parents

Future Adoptive Parents


We offer consultation for future adoptive parents who are preparing for their long-awaited child to join their family home. You will get to ask questions related to your own family situation, and get feedback, suggestions and recommendations about anything you would like to learn about how to raise an adopted child.

With a combination of teaching and sharing our experience with our adoptive parents and what we would have wished from them, you will get a thorough insight into your future family life and what to prepare for.

We offer consultation in English, French, Spanish and Swiss German.

As An Adoptive Parent, Do You Feel Like It’s Time to Get Support, But You Don’t Know Where to Start?


We understand that adopted children often display behaviours which are hard to comprehend from an outside perspective.

You may have tried out various techniques to discipline them but you find that they do not work with your adopted child, or only temporarily.

You may have asked others for advice but they do not seem to understand the complexity of your adopted child’s behaviours.

You may feel hurt, disappointed, frustrated or even helpless at times as you had imagined a different adoption experience. 

You wonder if you will ever be able to truly understand your adopted child and know what is going on in their mind and heart. 

Look no further! We’ve got you! This is what we specialize in!


Adoptive Parents

Why Is Specialized Support For Adopted Children So Important?

Adopted Children Require Different Responses

Adopted children cannot be raised like children who did not experience the same type of relational trauma. Their dysregulated behaviours are happening for specific reasons, and it is primordial for adoptive parents to be aware of this as early as possible. Often, the less adopted children feel understood, the more they will ‘misbehave’.

Adopted Children Struggle with Relationships

By being informed about attachment trauma and by learning how to respond in an ‘adoption-informed’ way, your child will feel more deeply understood, which in turn will increase their trust in you. The more they feel seen, heard, and supported by you, the better the connection you will be able to establish with them.

Adoptees' Journey Can Be Painful and Challenging

Adoptees’s journey is to eventually come to terms with being adopted, exploring what it means to them, healing from their past, finding out who they are, and where they belong in the world. As adoptive parents, you can make their journey so much easier for them by understanding what they are going through and providing the support they need. 

How Do I Know

If Parent Consultation is Right For Me?


You may not be sure whether reaching out is the right choice. To make it easier, we created a list of a few examples when it would be beneficial to get support from our expert.

Your discipline style is not working.

Your adopted child needs your help, especially when ‘misbehaving’. They are trying to express a need that they want you to understand. As long as they do not feel understood, they will continue acting out.

Your adopted child is very dysregulated.

Before sending your adopted child to therapy, it would be beneficial to get some insight and recommendations from our consultant first. Sometimes, learning about how to respond to ‘problem behaviours’ may be enough to support your child. However, there are times when your child would still benefit from therapeutic help, especially when dealing with complex trauma.

Your adopted child is disconnected from you.

When a child chooses to disconnect from adoptive parents, it usually means that something is preventing them from fully trusting you. It is important to figure out what is going on so it does not extend over time. The longer we wait, the more challenging it becomes to repair disconnection.

Your adopted child has low self-esteem.

Adoptees often struggle with low self-esteem and self-hate, which need to be addressed sooner than later. As the adoptive parent, you can learn how to support your child in order to help them change their view of themselves. A healthy positive sense of self is essential in order to go through life’s ups and downs.  

You don't know how to talk about adoption.

Offering your adopted child the possibility to ask questions and openly talk about adoption is crucial. You will help them enormously if you learn how to approach the subject in a way that is safe, compassionate, and welcoming. 

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