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How to Connect With Your Adopted Child

Children best express themselves through play. They can imagine and create characters, stories, and scenarios on the spot. They don't need to 'think' about it. It just comes to them naturally. There are times when children lost their ability to play freely due to trauma, but that changes once they start feeling more safe, more secure and more trusting of you. Luckily, the vast majority of children turn to play very easily.  One good way to connect with your adopted children is to play with them. By playing, being silly together, sharing moments of laughter, your children will start to feel...

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Your Adopted Child’s Grief And Loss

Today's topic is a challenging one, not only for adoptees, but also for adoptive parents. It is extremely hard to recognize someone else's pain when we have not looked at our own. If we have a tendency to shut down our own hurts, for whatever reason, we will probably be struggling with sitting together with our adopted child and their pain. We may want to repress it, ignore it, minimize it or fix it. However, the deep grief that adopted children and teenagers often feel regarding the loss of their birth family cannot be fixed quickly. It is a long process and a whole journey. And as much as...

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Being Emotionally Attuned to Your Adopted Child

Generally speaking, children grow into healthy, resilient, and regulated adults when surrounded by loving, caring and emotionally attuned parents. But what is "emotional attunement"? It means using all of our senses to understand what our children are feeling so much that we feel it too. It requires being able to sense, interpret and respond to someone so that she/he doesn't feel alone any longer. When children feel understood by their parents, even when their behaviour is at their worst, not only do they develop a sense of safety and trust in their parents, but they also develop a healthy...

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